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Why You Should Replace Your Cabin Air Filter

Installing a new air filter every one to two years is essential to block harmful contaminants, dust, and grime from entering the vehicle. It can be difficult to spend time behind the wheel if bugs, odors, and pollen is blowing through the vents. Replacing your cabin air filter is necessary to ensure you limit how much dirt accumulates over time.

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How Often You Should Replace Windshield Wipers

Like many drivers, you probably only ever think of the windshield wipers when you have to use them. Since you don't use the wipers every day, it's easy to neglect their maintenance and care. However, making sure the wipers work when you need them is essential. The windshield wipers clear off rain, snow, ice, and other particles that otherwise stick to the windshield and can affect visibility. If you can't see out the windshield, you're more likely to be involved in a crash. If they're working as designed, the wipers also protect your windshield from damage.

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Complimentary Mazda Connected Services

Mazda Connected Services is like a personal assistant for you and your Mazda CX-30 or Mazda3. It enables you to access your vehicle's health status report, remotely start the engine or lock and unlock its doors and more.

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